Friday, November 22, 2013

Vero Beach Polo Calendar 2014 *
Sun Jan 12th – Season Opening Match Game
Sun Jan 19th – 4 Goal
Sun Jan 26th – 4 Goal Final
Sun Feb 2nd – Match Game
Sun Feb 9th – 4-6 Goal
Sun Feb 16th– 4-6 Goal
Sun Feb 23rd –Annual Charity Match to benefit the ELC (4-6 Goal Final)
Sun Mar 2nd –Match Game
Sun Mar 9th – 4 or 6 Goal
Sun Mar 16th – 4 or 6 Goal
Sun Mar 23rd - 4 or 6 Goal Final
Sun Mar 30th - Match Game
Apr 6th - All the Marbles Tournament 
* This calendar is subject to change due to weather and player schedule conflicts.

Monday, April 8, 2013

For All The Marbles 2013. Michelob Ultra, Shamrock, Rocking K.

Rocking K showed great team/family play to take all the marbles back to the Rocking K Ranch.
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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Vero Beach Polo Easter Sunday 2013

Thank you to all that came out to Vero Beach Polo on Easter Sunday. Another great and sunny day to enjoy Polo in Paradise.

Destiny Stables/Michelob Ultra
  1. Phillip Miles/Rachel Kelly
  2. Peter Busch
  3. Tiffany Busch
  4. Max Secunda
Rocking K Ranch
  1. George Kahle
  2. Devon Kahle
  3. Dolf Kahle
  4. Craig Fraser

Rocking K led going into halftime but Destiny/Michelob Ultra "DS/MU" put on a show in the 2nd half. A couple of quick goals by Tiffany got DS/MU ahead and at the end they won.

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Perhaps the play of the match though was Devon Kahle stealing the ball from DS/MU running the length of the field and just missing a bouncing ball a few yards in front of the goal mouth. Never fear though George was there to score for Rocking K. This goal got the crowd on its feet. 1st and 3rd generation Vero Polo players teaming up.

Next weekend is the last Polo game in Vero for 2013 and it is for all the Marbles. Charlie Replogle turned in his jar of marbles today and we can't wait to see the battle Royal between Shamrock, Rocking K and Michelob Ultra.... always a great way to end the season. 

Thanks to everyone for coming out every weekend.. see you Sunday for all The Marbles and start planning for Vero Polo in 2014!!!

See you at Polo.
Dawn & James.

Thank you Sandy, George & Craig...

Monday, March 18, 2013

Governors Cup

VB Polo 3-17-13 Gov Cup 1
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Wonderful polo today with Philip Miles Destiny Stables winning over Shamrock

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Vero Polo USPA Officers Cup Final & Consolation game

A cold day but hot Polo. The consolation game had Banbury Cross playing against Shamrock.
Banbury led by Nelson Gunnel had local hotshots Peter Busch, Tiffany Busch & Veros favorite cowboy Peter Blake.

Local team Shamrock brought in a ringer at #1. 12 year old Christian Weize. Max Secunda at back had the always consistent Hayden Walsh at 2 with Gonzalo DiCiurcio hustling all day to make plays.
Shamrock won over Banbury Cross.

The final of the United States Polo Association Officers Cup was played between:


  1. Devon Kahle
  2. Ian Angus
  3. Christian Alem
  4. Marcos Onetto
  1. George Kahle
  2. Neil Osburg
  3. Bill Townsend
  4. Craig Fraser
This game was very team taking a lead over the other by more than one came down to the last chukker.
George at 1 was as always the most solid player for his team. 
Neil Osburg played a very heads up game at 2.
It was a real treat to see Bill Townsend bring old school American horsemanship to Vero. (many generations of horse breeders, riders & polo players from Texas)

Ian Angus from Ontario Canada and his team Garanska won over Rocking K.
Veros Devon Kahle rode and played as we have come to expect.
Christian was great in the mid field.
Marcos really controlled the game.

Most valuable player: Marcos Onetto
best Playing Pony: Roo. Devon Kahle


Tuesday, February 12, 2013


A wonderful day at Vero Polo. Ocean Grill winning the Round Robin tournament led by Charley Replogle. Thank you Shamrock, Rocking K and Ocean Grill. Polo in Paradise.
Every Sunday at 2pm. The Polo Grounds.
video courtesy of Jeff Zachary Promotions. 

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

the Round Robin today. Ocean Grill vs Shamrock vs Rocking K. Ocean Grill the winners...

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Vero Beach Polo. United States Polo Association Players Cup

A wonderful day of Polo in Vero Beach. Shamrock vs Rocking K Ranch. Great strategy by Rocking K saw them win. However Shamrock led by John Walsh were not far behind. Taking a chance by adding 12 year old Christian Weisz to the team. Christian was superbly mounted, a great number one player who rode very well and at his young age has a knowledge of the game that can only be learnt by growing up in a Polo family. Despite the horese manship involved Polo is still a thinking mans game as demonstrated by Craig Fraser for Rocking K Ranch. Take the man out of the game and and you have it won.... Well done to Destiny Stables & Banbury Cross for providing us with a great 2nd match. See the pics...Well done Phillip, Pedro, Mauricio & the great Sain Joseph. Banbury Cross: Carly Liens. Nelson Gunnell. Tiffany Busch. Cowboy Peter Blake.... Please double click the slideshow below for pics from today's games. We will see you at Vero Polo soon.... DAWN & JAMES

Sunday, January 27, 2013

USPA Player's Cup. Vero Beach Polo Club 2013

First round of the United States Polo Association Players Cup.

Game one: Phillip Miles and Destiny Stables vs George Kahle's Rocking K.
Rocking K the winners.

Game two: Nelson Gunnell and Banbury Cross vs John Walsh and the Shamrock team. Shamrock winners.

Rocking K and Shamrock advance to the finals. Next Sunday will be the big game....... Vero Beach Polo!
Pics from Vero Polo opening day.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Vero Beach Polo schedule 2013...come and join us!!!

2013 Season
The Polo Grounds
12th Street between 74th and 82nd Aves
Click here for Driving Directions

Every Sunday from January 20 - April 7

All matches will be played at 2 pm on Sundays at The Polo Grounds Field.
Gates open at 1 p.m. Match starts at 2 p.m.
Admission: $10 for Car and Driver / $5 for each additional passenger
Children 12 and under free.
Daily reserved tailgate: $50
Reserved Season Tailgating on west side $550
For information, sponsorships, or to reserve a tailgate spot, call 778-2224.

Vero Beach Polo Calendar 2013 *
Sun Jan 20th – Season Opening Match Game
Sun Jan 27th – First Round USPA 4 Goal
Sun Feb 3rd – Final & Consolation Match USPA 4 Goal
Sun Feb 10th – Match Game
Sun Feb 17th – First Round USPA 4 Goal
Sun Feb 24th – USPA 4 Goal Final / Childrens Cup to benefit ELC
Sun Mar 3rd – Match Game
Sun Mar 10th –Match Game
Sun Mar 17th – First Round USPA Governors Cup 6 Goal
Sun Mar 24th –Final and Consolation Match USPA Governors Cup 6 Goal
Sun Mar 31st – Match Game (Easter)
Sun Apr 7th - All the Marbles Trophy
Tournament Dates
USPA Players Cup 4 Goal – Jan 27th to Feb 3rd
USPA Officers Cup 4 Goal – Feb 17th to Feb 24th
USPA Governors Cup 6 Goal – Mar 17th to Mar 24th
* This calendar is subject to change due to weather and player schedule conflicts.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Superb Car Show Room in Vero Beach..for sale

• Industrial zoning in Downtown Vero Beach
• Secure and unique building with many possibilities
Dedicated spot lights & power
Tile floor
• Office and restroom area
• 4,648 total sq.ft. Offered at $375,000
Convenient to Orlando, Daytona, Sebring and the Palm Beaches

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Vero Road Rally Magnifique 2012

A fantastic day benefiting The SunUp Center of Vero Beach.. please click the slideshow and choose full screen for best viewing...

More information and the list of winners is coming soon.

Friday, March 30, 2012


Charlie & Dolf

All the marbles teams:

It will be a 6 Chukker game

Southern Eagle:

Eddy Martinez 4
Tiffany/Peter Busch 1 (playng three each)
Charlie/Coleman Replogle 0 (playing three each)
Phillip Miles/Val Biehl -1 (Val to play chukkers 1 and 4, Phillip 2,3,5,6)

Total 4 Goal Team

Rocking K: (or any other name George would like)

Craig Fraser 3
Dolf Kahle/Hayden Walsh 1 (Dolf to play two chukkers and Hayden to play four)
George Kahle/Devon Kahle 0 (George to play four and Devon two)
John Walsh/Devon Kahle 0 (John to play four and Devon two)

Total 4 Goal Team


2:00PM at the Polo Grounds
More details coming soon.. The end of another wondeful season of Vero Beach POLO!!!!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Vero Polo Round Robin March 25th 2012

Happy Birthday to Phillip Miles and Ceasar..!

A mixed day today....rain in the forcast and we thought we might squeeze in some POLO. Unfortunately after 1 chukker and 2 minutes into the 2nd the sky opened up.

Val Biehl. Vet extraordinaire and MVP.. Most Vocal Player!
oh and it was a bit wet.. or am I sweating standing next to the great Val?

Playing in the rain is OK but the threat of lightening is a bit scary when you you are running about on the field on a horse with 4 metal shoes and you are waving a mallet in the air.. !

The field has been in great condition and could cope with a quick downpour... but we got more than that. While the field has a crown on it to let water run off there was just too much and the footing was a bit risky.

Still, thank you to all that stayed around until the game was finally called, and thanks to the diehard Vero Polo fans who sat it all out and still had a great time tail gating.

Next Sunday we have our season ending round robin games.. (For All The Marbles)!!!
We can't wait to see you at Vero Polo next Sunday!!!!
James & Dawn
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Vero Polo 3-25-2012

Jerseys: Blue

Phillip Miles
Devon Kahle
Hayden Walsh
Juan Vidal


John Walsh
Charley Replogle
Craig Fraser
George Kahle


Ian Angus
Cristian Alem

Val Biehl/Gunther Read
Marcos Onetto

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Vero Beach Polo The United States Polo Association Governors Cup

First of all we would like to congratulate the Vero Polo manager Craig Fraser for putting this all together despite the adverse weather... (by the way Craig..the chicken was great!!)

click the slideshow and choose full screen for best viewing

The final of the USPA Governors Cup saw Shamrock & Southern Eagle playing a very close game... up until the final chukker they were never more than one goal apart. At the start of the 4th chukker Tiffanny Busch on Ruby had 2 big runs scoring twice in succession.. this earned Ruby the best Playing Pony award...

Matt Coppola came up from Wellington to round out the Southern Eagle team.. One of the up and coming young American players.. Great ponies and technical ball handling along with a his being in the right place at the right time meant that he was awarded the MVP award.. All you polo fans keep an eye on him.. And keep shopping at the Tackeria!!!

The 2nd game for the Polo Grounds Challenge was a great way to wrap up the day at Vero Polo.

Lizzie Beer's Burnt Mills team against Ocean Grill. Lizzie played really well backed up by the ageless Tomas Ezcurra, Mike Egan & Billy Paterniti.

Wonderful team play saw them win over local favorites Ocean Grill (the very best restaurant in Vero Beach!)

The Ocean Grill team of Mason Primm at 3, Coleman Replogle at 1, a very fast and solid Dolf Kahle at 2 and Marcus Onetto at 4 showed great promise but just couldn't quite do it at the end... a very nice and penalty free game..

In fact a SUPERB day of POLO in Vero Beach.. Thanks everyone!!!!

James & Dawn...